Bali: An Overview.

Bali Island is the most famous and tourist of Indonesia . Famous among surfers, has the best waves in the world, among those who love relaxing holiday, hikers and backpackers, and among bohemian artists and spiritual seekers. Bali attracts a mix of people as different as are his landscapes.

Bali has mountains full of vegetation and animals (especially monkeys), infinitely long beaches, rice terraces that decorate the entire island, huge volcanoes with lakes at the foot cliffs and surrounded by coral reefs. It 's amazing the variety of landscapes offered by the island on its 145 km long and 80 wide . Also conveys spirituality because of the numerous temples and Hindu festivals held every year (most of its inhabitants are Hindus), and is home to more than a Westerner who arrived decades ago and decided to stay forever, either riding a business or engaging in spiritual search.

The week spent traveling by bicycle around the island was great. Although my legs were not ready for the slopes of this mountainous island, I survived, and the reality is that we had a great time . Since that dream in a long journey by bicycle. I rented the mountain bike in Ubud for approximately 17,000 rupiahs (1.5 €) per day (it was low season).

Places to visit and things to do in Bali
Surfer in Kuta : It is never too late to learn! Kuta is the tourist village of Bali. There are many accommodations, restaurants, shops, clubs and Australian surfers. It is one of the best places to surf. No evens the tables on the beach and they are much more expensive, do it within the village. You also have the possibility to surf courses.

Ubud: The people of the arts and massages. Good place to relax and get some other good massage. Do not miss the Monkey Temple , an ancient temple dedicated to monkeys, incredible!
Visiting Hindu Temples: Bali is famous for its numerous temples. The most important is the Pura Agung Penetaran in Besakih. Then we have 9 temples which are believed to protect the island from the forces of evil. Two model most famous and accessible are the Pura Luhur Uluwatu and Tanah lot .

Beaches: Most of the best swimming beaches are on the north coast of the island and the best surfing on the south coast. There are long beaches with waves that prevent you to enter the sea and other small coves with waters that barely move.
Mountain and Lakes: All the mountains are volcanoes of Bali. The higher the Agung mountain of 3,142 m. was erupted last in 1963. Another who is still an active thing is the Batur volcano, which you can climb on a tour of two hours, from which you will have beautiful views. You can admire the lake that lies at the foot of the volcano, Lake Batur . There are 3 other lakes on the island: the Lake Bratan, Buyan and Tamblingan.
Waterfalls and hot springs : Near Lovina Beach (north) there are small waterfalls where you can swim and hot springs (Air Banjar). Also near Lake Batur there are other hot springs.

Prices in Bali:
Bali is undoubtedly the most expensive Indonesian island. Prices here can safely double or triple those of other islands like Java, Sumatra or Sumbawa. However, it is still quite cheap.
Accommodation: It depends on whether it is high or low season but prices will be about Rp 40,000 to Rp 200,000 (3.6 to 18 €) for a double room.
Food: A plate of nasi goreng, fried rice with chicken or vegetables, costs about Rp 15,000 (1.2 €), fruit juice Rp 6,000 (0.60 €). What better than a normal restaurant menu Bali to get an idea :)
Transportation: Renting a bike costs between Rp 40,000 and Rp 80,000 (3.70 and 7.20 €) per day. Vans to move are not very cheap and you have to negotiate the price with the drivers.
Ignore taxi drivers to arrive : Arriving in Bali, many scammers expect you to sell you exit routes for the price of gold. Ignore inquire and look where the vans that will take you to Kuta are, to Ubud or wherever you want to go.
A bicycle or motorbike to travel around the island : If you decide for the bike be aware that not be an easy task as there are endless slopes. If you choose the bike is not mandatory to have international driving license but is always better. The police are difficult to deal with, they're pretty strike. If it were the case negotiate the fine. In the unfortunate event of an accident, I recommend repair the bike in any shop that you find on your own. If the owner finds the will repair it and surely charge you over the damage.
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