Cheap Hotel By The Beach

Cheap Hotel By The Beach - Kuta Beach

Kuta beach is one of the beaches in Bali which is most frequently visited by tourists, especially foreign tourists who love to surfing. The data we edit from said that each month there are hundreds of thousands of tourists visiting Kuta beach. Most foreign tourists visit this beach is derived from the land of kangaroos of Australia. This is in line with a statement by the Bali provincial tourism department. The number of foreign tourists visiting Kuta beach is of course make the price of lodging or hotel around Kuta beach becomes soar. Thus, because the tourists are using the standard dollar, which when converted to dollars value will be very big at all. This is certainly very advantageous for service providers accommodation near Kuta beach. On the other hand it turns out to be something it is not profitable for local travelers who also need a hotel or inn near Kuta beach. Because the price of a standard hotel in Kuta beach use dollar to adjust to foreign tourists, local travelers then also forced to follow their standards. Local travelers who use the dollars have to convert the value of their dollars to the value of the dollar which of course the price of the inn to be expensive. But take it easy, if you want to find cheap accommodation in Bali near Kuta beach there are actually many. You only need a little bit search only actually been able to find a hotel that suits your budget. And in this article I will help you find accommodation according to the budget of local tourists in general.

Cheap Hotel By The Beach

Here is a list of cheap hotels in Bali that we recommend to you. Total hotel close to the beach as much as 169 hotels kuta from cheapest to most expensive hotels ranging 5, but here we will discuss only a few hotels just for you.
Cheapest Lodging By Price under 300.000 Rupiahs.
For those of you with a budget hotel for a holiday less than 300.000 Rupiahs, these following inn or hotel might suits your pocket.

Nau Here Hostel 
Price in this hostel is only 100.000 Rupiahs per night. The hostel is on par with 1 total there are 33 rooms provided by this cheap hostel. You will get facilities like breakfast, wifi, etc.. The rooms are fairly clean. Cheapest room is the room with the type of mixed male and female dormitories with beds as multilevel capsule. Suitable for those of you who still are looking for singles and couples hehe ...
Address: Jl. Patih Jelantik, Complex Istana Kuta Galleria VL2 / 18, Central Parking Kuta, Bali 80361.

The Tirta Inn Pondok Anyar
If the hostel above does not match your standard maybe this 2-star hotel according to your taste. At a price not much different from the first hostel, The Tirta Inn Pondok Anyar set rates for the cheapest room type is only 120.000 Rupiahs. Only difference 20.000 Rupiahs to the first hostel you can enjoy in the comfort of a 2 star hotel service with the privacy is preserved.
Address: Jalan Kubu Newer Gang Kingkong I No. 2 Kuta, Bali

BedBunker Hostel 2 - Beachwalk 
This hotel price has a class of a 3 stars hotel room, cheapest rate is 120.000 Rupiahs. The type of cheapest room available was a mixed dorm, the same as hostels in the list of the cheapest hotels in Bali at the first one, but the rooms are slightly more spacious and neater.
Address: Jl. Kartika Plaza No. 22, Bali 80361

Mertha Jati Hotel & Bungalow 
This hotel is in Kuta and equivalent to 2-stars hotel. Room rates is about 120.000 Rupiahs. Cheapest room facility is using a fan as a cooler.
Address: Jl. Kubu Anyar, No. 8, Kuta-Bali

Bakung Sunset Hotel 
The next choice fell on this 2-stars hotel. The Bakung Sunset Hotel rates pegged at 125.000 Rupiahs. With the cost can be as cheap as it has been conditioned with bathroom facilities inside and the privacy is preserved. Compared with the previous stay at the hotel with the price is quiet difference is not much different from my own rather recommend staying here.
Address: Jl. Merdeka Raya No. 17 AG, Bali 80361

Rabasta Beach Resort Kuta 
If below 2 star hotels  does not suit your taste and you want more comfortable, this one could be the right choice. This 3 stars hotel, Rabasta Beach Resort Kuta has the price of the cheapest room for only 135.000 Rupiahs. Slightly difference to the hotel that we have reviewed above. As a 3 stars hotel, the hotel is facilitated with swimming pool.
Address: Jl. Kartika Plaza, Gang Pudaksari # 3, Bali 80361

That was a list of cheap hotels in Bali near Kuta beach hotels ranging from 1 up to 3 stars of which are set at the lowest price even just under 300.000 to 135.000 Rupiahs just for the last 3 most expensive. All of the above hotels have access very close to Kuta Beach. You only need a few minutes walk or rent a bike if you lazy for a walk. To review more details and a list of hotels you can see in There you can also make an online reservation directly to get the promo price.
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